HOOTS BATTERY Installation & Application

In this guide you will find the operating instructions as well as detailed information about the HOOTS BATTERY battery monitor

HOOTS BATTERY Betriebsanleitung

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Operating instructions for Battery Monitor WLAN Battery-Guard

In the operating/operating instructions for the HOOTS battery monitoring you will find all the important information including safety, data sheet, installation, app usage and remote battery monitoring via WLAN/Bluetooth connection and data cloud.

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In the multi-page data sheet you will find all the necessary values, key figures, dimensions and parameters of the WLAN battery monitor from page 5 onwards.

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HOOTS BATTERY technischer Aufbau

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Structure & components

The structure and components of HOOTS BATTERY including measuring shunt can be found from page 7.

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HOOTS BATTERY Energiesparmodus

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HOOTS has developed an energy saving mode to ensure that battery monitoring is as effective and energetically efficient as possible. All the facts about this are on page 8.

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Status LED - RGB

The status LED informs you about the processes, activities, Bluetooth connections and WLAN transmission intervals of the battery monitoring system.

HOOTS BATTERY Einbauvarianten

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Installation variants/installation

Depending on the type of battery, type of installation, vehicle or intended use, you will find the appropriate installation variants as installation suggestions on page 10. Matching accessories are available in our shop.

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HOOTS BATTERY Einbauschritte

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Installation steps / installation instructions

Please follow the installation instructions and sequence exactly. Only a correctly installed battery monitor reliably ensures remote battery monitoring via APP and cloud.


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After installing the device, start with the initial setup using the HOOTS BATTERY app on your smartphone/tablet. You can find the app in the App Store and the Google Play Store. The exact description can be found on page 12.

Complete instructions as PDF download

HOOTS BATTERY Dashboard App am PC

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Access the battery data cloud on the PC, dashboard and in the app

You can find the historical battery data in your battery data cloud on your PC or smartphone at: https://battery.hoots.app

HOOTS Battery Tester 12V 24V 36V with Bluetooth WLAN and 40A Shunt

The HOOTS WiFi Battery Guard and Bluetooth battery monitor for remote monitoring of car batteries including battery monitor live data on the charge level. The vehicle battery monitoring is suitable as a battery tester for 6V 12V 24V 36V system voltage and battery systems. The voltage monitor is suitable as a remote battery monitoring and deep discharge protection and as a voltage meter for lead, gel or AGM batteries including Li-Ion batteries.