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HOOTS BATTERY - Battery Monitor WLAN Battery-Guard with Cloud 6V 12V 24V 36V

Data in Ampere, Volt, Temperature & Humidity

HOOTS WLAN Battery-Guard as Battery-Monitoring with Bluetooth, Cloud, WiFi and Measuring-Shunt.

With HOOTS BATTERY - the innovative Battery-Monitor and WLAN Battery-Guard you can monitor your 6V - 12V - 24V - 36V vehicle batteries remotely via battery app or on your PC/desktop.

HOOTS Innovations : Battery-Monitoring and WLAN connection with BATTERY CLOUD as well as power consumption measurement in amperes. Automatic limit warning by email and freely adjustable parameters. Ideal as a battery sensor and battery computer.

HOOTS BATTERY App : You can connect to HOOTS BATTERY on your vehicle via Bluetooth and use it as a LIVE battery tester or WiFi Battery Monitor for deep discharge protection.

WiFi: Connect HOOTS BATTERY to one or multiple WiFi networks to enable remote monitoring as a battery monitor.

HOOTS Cloud Storage : Battery data is available retrospectively for 3 months on your desktop PC or smartphone free of charge.

Scope of delivery
: 1x HOOTS BATTERY battery monitor without additional accessories | App for iOS & Android
Detailed product description with technical specifications: HOOTS BATTERY Installation & Application
Accessories: Negative battery terminal / front pole adapter / battery disconnect switch can be found under HOOTS BATTERY accessories

Sale price€249,00
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HOOTS BATTERY App for iOS & Android

In the free app version you will already find the following options:
- Connection & monitoring via WiFi & Bluetooth
- Battery values ​​such as amps, volts, temperature & humidity
- Limit warnings via email
- Cloud storage: View battery data for 3 months in retrospect on your desktop PC or smartphone
- the HOOTS BATTERY app is available for iOS & Android

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Italian Trulli

HOOTS BATTERY Betriebsanleitung

1 out of 10

Battery monitor operating instructions & functionality

You will find all the important information in the operating/operating instructions
Information including safety, data sheet, installation, app usage and remote battery monitoring via WLAN / Bluetooth connection and data cloud.

Complete instructions as PDF download

HOOTS BATTERY as a battery monitor promotes an extension of the battery life through continuous monitoring of the battery values ​​via WLAN and individual email limit warning.

The following values ​​are transmitted: Battery voltage in volts / power consumption in amperes / humidity in percent / device temperature in °C / WLAN status. You can also freely define limit value parameters for the battery voltage for battery monitoring.
Can also be used as a measuring resistor, ammeter or battery shunt. You can also receive excellent measured values ​​via remote monitoring when used for balcony power plants and mini PV systems .


2 out of 10

data sheet

HOOTS BATTERY is designed for a permanent current draw of 200 amps or a short-term load of 5 seconds with 1000 amps .

Can be used as a battery tester, voltage monitor and battery measuring device for lead-acid batteries (GEL, AGM, EFB) or lithium batteries (LiFePO4).

The measuring range and display range is +/- 40 amps. This allows you to precisely diagnose silent consumers or monitor battery charging. The measurement accuracy is 20 milliamperes (mA).

In the multi-page data sheet you will find all the necessary values, key figures, dimensions and parameters of the WLAN battery monitor from page 5 onwards.

Complete instructions as PDF download

HOOTS BATTERY technischer Aufbau

3 out of 10

Structure & components

HOOTS battery monitor
Dimensions : 85mm x 51mm x 18mm
Weight : 65 grams

Vehicles/battery systems: HOOTS BATTERY is perfect as a battery tester for remote vehicle monitoring of newer cars, vintage cars, sports cars, motorcycles, motorhomes/campers, caravans, trucks, construction machinery and solar island systems/photovoltaic systems.

The temperature sensor & humidity sensor provides additional security when monitoring RVs and boats in your winter storage. Emergency power generators / industrial engines / diesel generators (diesel engines) / power generators can also be read and monitored via WLAN.

The structure and components of HOOTS BATTERY including measuring shunt can be found from page 7.

Complete instructions as PDF download

HOOTS BATTERY Energiesparmodus

4 out of 10

Power saving mode/sleep mode

For the most effective and energetically efficient possible
Battery monitoring is an energy saving mode developed at HOOTS
been. Complete instructions as PDF download

HOOTS BATTERY energy-saving mode How it works: The HOOTS battery monitor is designed to use as little energy/current as possible from the car battery. For this reason, the battery monitor was equipped with a shock sensor that actively puts the Battery-Guard into energy-saving mode when idle.

Energy saving mode : After 4-5 minutes, without movement and an existing Bluetooth connection, HOOTS BATTERY switches to energy saving mode and only activates when there is movement on/in the vehicle.

Waking up or device activation: e.g. open the door, open the hood, tap the battery monitor with your finger. If the device is active, the status LED flashes BLUE and it is possible to connect via Bluetooth and the battery values ​​are displayed LIVE. HOOTS BATTERY remains active during an existing Bluetooth connection.


5 out of 10

Status LED - RGB

The status LED informs you about the processes, activities,
Bluetooth connections and WLAN transmission intervals
Battery monitoring system.

Shutdown/send cycle:
Shortly before switching off into energy saving mode, HOOTS BATTERY sends the current battery values ​​with a GREEN status LED briefly via WLAN and automatically updates the battery values ​​to the app/cloud every 6 hours. Between the sending intervals, HOOTS BATTERY is in energy saving mode, saves electricity and is NOT included connected to the WLAN or Bluetooth.

The HOOTS BATTERY Guard is not permanently connected to WiFi and Bluetooth.

The complete battery values ​​are updated in the BATTERY Cloud every time you arrive or connect to the network and every 6 hours and can be accessed worldwide in the app.
The integrated battery shunt enables power consumption to be measured. This allows you to diagnose silent consumers or leakage currents.

HOOTS BATTERY Einbauvarianten

6 out of 10

Installation variants/installation

Depending on the type of battery, type of installation, vehicle or intended use,
You will find the appropriate installation variants as installation suggestions
on page 10. Matching accessories are available in our shop.

Complete instructions as PDF download

HOOTS BATTERY Einbauschritte

7 out of 10

Installation steps / installation instructions

Please follow the installation instructions and sequence exactly. Just one
Correctly installed battery monitor reliably secures the
Remote battery monitoring via APP and cloud.


8 out of 10


After installing the device, start with the initial setup
HOOTS BATTERY app on smartphone/tablet .

The app can be found free of charge for iOS and Android operating systems in the App Store and Google Play Store . The exact description can be found on page

Complete instructions as PDF download

HOOTS BATTERY Dashboard App am PC

9 out of 10

Access the battery data cloud on the PC, dashboard and in the app

You can find the historical battery data in your battery data cloud on your PC or smartphone at: https://battery.hoots.app

HOOTS' cloud data offering does not require any mobile phone fees.

HOOTS BATTERY Batteriewächter App mit Flottenansicht

10 out of 10

Battery monitor for digital fleet monitoring

With other HOOTS BATTERY systems, your entire fleet can be monitored. The HOOTS BATTERY app offers an optimal solution for monitoring and managing your fleet or solar/PV system . With the unlimited number of vehicles, you can manage all your vehicles in one app and have an overview of the battery status at all times.

Remote monitoring systems : Use of systems that can monitor the status of the battery in real time using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless technologies.

Smart chargers : Using chargers that can detect charge levels and adjust accordingly to avoid overcharging and extend battery life.

Battery management systems (BMS) : A BMS can help monitor the health of each battery in the fleet, including voltage, temperature and state of charge.

Battery monitoring via WiFi and Bluetooth

Free data transfer worldwide thanks to WiFi – no ongoing mobile phone charges

Current and battery voltage

The power consumption (in amperes) and charge status (in volts) of all vehicle batteries at any time and anywhere at a glance

Check battery values ​​worldwide

You can access the battery values ​​of your vehicles worldwide in the app

Environmental monitoring

Environmental parameters such as device temperature, humidity and WLAN status are recorded

HOOTS WLAN Battery Guard

HOOTS battery monitor with WiFi for 6V 12V 24V

HOOTS BATTERY was specially developed according to customer requirements and is an innovative tool for battery monitoring of 6V 12V 24V vehicle batteries. In addition to the battery voltage, the power consumption in amperes as well as humidity and temperature can be measured and saved. This means you can keep an eye on all important data if your car is parked for a long time. Optionally, the WLAN Battery-Guard automatically warns when limit values ​​are reached via email or push. This means there will be no more unpleasant surprises the next time you try to start.

Instruction manual PDF
suitable vehicle electrical system voltage/current carrying capacity

6V – 36V / 0A – 200A

Ambient temperature / ambient humidity


Data transfer

WiFi (802.11b/g/n)

Bluetooth Low Energy ®


Installation of HOOTS BATTERY

HOOTS BATTERY is installed between the negative terminal of the battery and the ground of the vehicle.
Please only connect the RED cable with the cable lug to the positive pole of the battery.
HOOTS BATTERY Battery Guard Batterieüberwachung mit WLAN Bluetooth

HOOTS battery disconnect switch/master switch

HOOTS BATTERY also works with a circuit breaker

HOOTS front pole adapter

Front pole adapter clamp for HOOTS battery monitor on the negative pole


HOOTS BATTERY System Installation

positive pole

red power cable on the battery positive pole

Ground strap

Negative pole on the ground strap or body

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