HOOTS Zubehör Batterie-Klemmen Poladapter Batteriepol

HOOTS BATTERY WLAN Bluetooth battery monitor for remote monitoring

Vehicle battery monitoring remotely. The WLAN Battery-Guard battery tester and battery shunt from HOOTS. Check all batteries in the fleet via app or PC. Set up battery voltage, current, device temperature, humidity data as remote monitoring. Limit warning can be activated as an alarm. Ideal as a measuring resistor and battery tester for 6V / 12V / 24V / 36V batteries, also for solar photovoltaics as a WiFi battery monitor.

Would you like to mount HOOTS BATTERY safely and adapt it to the conditions of your battery and vehicle?
Here you will find the right battery terminal clamps, front adapters, battery poles, circuit breakers and main switches for the safe installation of HOOTS BATTERY systems. Suitable for 6V, 12V and 24V on-board electrical systems.


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6V - 12V - 24V - 36VVolts & AmpsWiFi & Bluetoothapp
HOOTS BATTERY Batterie√ľberwachung Batteriew√§chter Battery-Guard mit AppHOOTS BATTERY Battery-Guard Flottenansicht 6V 12V 24V